AI-powered chat bot

Chat bot will switch to a human agent when needed, suggest an answer and learn from humans to reply correctly.
everything you need to enable customer service
via chats and voice assistants
Omnichannel chat platform
Collects requests from a web site, messengers, e-mail, voice assistants in one place.

Forwards requests to a chat bot or human agents. Our workplace for human agents has a built-in access to a knowledge base and has an AI-powered assistant.
AI-powered chat bot
Handles up to 70% of requests 24x7. Provides access to company services right in the chat.

Our chat bot learns from real users requests and from human agents. You don't need expensive staff to manage your chat bot.
Knowledge base
Enables having all your knowledge in one place.

Knowledge base stores documents, files for humans and information for a chat bot. It also allows to configure complex scenarios for chat bots.
Deep insights about chats traffic, humans and bot efficiency, traffic sources.

Provides all the standard metrics used by large contact centers.
CraftTalk Platform
Launch steps
Connect to channels
Chat on a web site, messengers,
e-mail, voice assistants
Create starting knowledge base for a chat bot to start learning
Just add articles with answers to a knowledge base and from 10 real user question examples for each article
Start serving your customers with human agents
You are ready to provide
service with human agents.

Your chat bot is also ready to handle
some of the requests and provide
suggestions for human agents.
Your chat bot will be learning from humans while they serve your customers
Your chat bot is learning from human agents when they use the knowledge base to answer.

So you chat bot gets better and better with time.
Enable providing services of your company via a chat bot
Enable more skills for your chat bot − connect it to your IT systems.

That will pay out with loyal clients and more chat bot users.
Use messengers for marketing
Now you have 2-way channel with your loyal customers. You can use it for efficient marketing.
You have loyal customers and communication channels with them.

And most of the work is done by your chat bot.

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